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My name is Margaryta Grynko and I am a student at Fagerlia Videregående.

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International work and education

Seventy years ago, Norwegian students learning English tended to study classical English literature and British history. The change to American history and American literature slowly started after the second world war, as The Great Britain started losing its title of the global superpower. So what made us shift from focusing on global superpowers to internationalFortsett å lese «International work and education»

How social media has become a weapon towards society and privacy

Social media was first introduced to the public to communicate through the internet, and to share information and content with each other. Content would include personal information, photos, videos and so on. This quickly became popular, and big companies grew from this popularity. In newer times, these companies have gotten negative attention in the media.Fortsett å lese «How social media has become a weapon towards society and privacy»

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